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Darling Range Seniors Hub Initiative: An Overview

Why Become a Hub Member?

In a rapidly changing and fast paced world, the Hub provides an opportunity for older residents in the community to age like people did in ‘the good old days’ – but with added benefits.  When you become a Hub member, you join a community specifically convened to support older community residents to continue to live independently in their own homes, streets, and neighbourhoods, for as long as possible, as well as possible, and as inexpensively as possible.

What Are the Benefits of Becomming a Hub Member?

When you become a Hub Member, your overall quality of life will improve. Some of the broad benefits that Members will experience include –

  • Increased social interaction through a range of activities and events.
  • Friendly support in the home and community.
  • New learning opportunities.
  • Access to discounted and vetted services and businesses.
  • Access to up to date information and services related to ageing well and ageing in place.
  • Opportunities to share and have valued their unique knowledge, skills, passions and interests with other members and the broader community.

What Does Hub Membership Provide?

When you become a Hub Member, you will have access to the following programs and initiatives –

  • All Hub Social activities and events – including support to create your own social activities with members who share the same interests.
  • Intergenerational activities – includes playgroups, repair cafes, table of wisdom.
  • The Neighbourhood Hug Program – the Hub’s home support program for members.
  • The ‘Ask a Member First’ Program – the Hub’s member to member support program.
  • The Friendly Business Program – provides Hub members with access to discounted and vetted services and businesses.
  • Volunteering opportunities.

What Are the Requirements to become a Hub Member?

Joining the Hub is a commitment! When you become a Hub Member, you will –

  • Uphold the Hub’s values and mission.
  • Nominate how you can contribute to Hub operations.
  • Commit to the ‘Ask a Member First’ Policy.

So why not become a member and help us to create a community where no one has to grow old alone. It’s not just a membership – it’s an experience!

To become a Hub Member simply fill out the Membership Form for the option that suits you:

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If you have downloaded a Membership Form to fill out, please post your completed form to PO Box 194, Kalamunda, WA, 6926, or email to