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The Darling Range Seniors' Hub is a new initiative being introduced across the City of Kalamunda following on the success of other such community 'Hubs' in Australia and the USA. This exciting new concept is driven by our desire to support our valued senior citizens in continuing to live independently in their own homes and neighbourhoods for as long as possible, as well as possible, and as inexpensively as possible.  Our 'Hub' is designed to connect seniors with a local 'mutual support' network and their local community. It will provide members with access to trusted and vetted business referrals, volunteer support, social and neighbour connection, and community engagement opportunities.

Following a series of information sessions across communities within the City of Kalamunda, an Establishment Committee of 17 persons has been created. This Establishment Committee is supported by 10 Task Teams. Currently, the Group is seeking operational funding secured through sponsorship and grant applications. The group is aiming to launch the initiative in 14 February, 2020.


The Concept

Studies reveal that 3 out of 4 adults aged 50+ years want to remain in their homes, streets and communities as they age. The 'Seniors Hub' movement is a grassroots response to this overwhelming desire of most people to age in place and continue living independently for as long as possible and engage socially within the local community.

The first Australian Seniors' Hub was established in 2013 as The Waverton Hub, in North Sydney. It defines itself as “an organisation run by members for members. It enables us to age well in our own homes for as long as possible; as meaningfully as possible; and as inexpensively as possible". The second is in Victoria Park, Western Australia – Connect Victoria Park. Short videos on both are worth watching-…..

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Some of our Sponsors

“ We would like to acknowledge the practical support and inspiration we have received from the first two Seniors Hubs in Australia, namely the Waverton Hub (NSW) and Connect Victoria Park (WA)”